What is Kratom?

what is kratom

Kratom is a herb that is found in the South East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Bali, Malaysia and its neighboring countries. But why is this Kratom so special and different from all the other herbs that are given by nature? Kratom has many medicinal values in it like, it can be used for treating muscular pain, arthritis and even has the ability to protect us from cancer in the beginning stage. Kratom not only helps us deal with physical medical conditions but also helps us in mental conditions like anxiety, nervousness and stress and depression. In this article, we are going to see more about Kratom, its effect and the uses. (Source: EMCDDA’s Kratom profile)


Kratom has its traditional roots in Indonesia and is in use from the ancient period till now. Firstly this herb was used by the people from the region for reducing their body pain from the day’s work. People from the past used to consume Kratom in its raw form and even included this herb in their routine diet as a recreational drink. As time passed, there was a tremendous development in the field of medicine and technology which eventually had a part in the evolving process of Kratom. Now you can get Kratom in various forms like capsules, extracts and powder.


Kratom has many medicinal purposes like pain killer, addiction killer, it can also be used to enhance your mood and even used for treating certain sexual dysfunctions. Kratom is also used for treating respiratory malfunctions like breathing problem and asthma and used for treating some of the liver related problems. The Kratom contains a substance called alkaloids present in it which is responsible for the effects it haves on the human body.

Once you consume Kratom the alkaloids present in the Kratom mixes with the blood flow of the body and have its effects on the part of the brain which in turn produces stimuli in our body with a dysfunction. Now Kratom is widely used all around the world as it is a natural medication and does not contain any synthetic components in it.


There is a variety of Kratom available in the market which serves differently for different purposes. Not all the Kratom has the same effect as the other. Everyone has to choose the right strain of Kratom accordingly to their medical condition.


Since it is found abundantly in the region of Thailand, they are called the Thai kratom and it is the most powerful form of Kratom. This Kratom helps us to boost the mood and gives you more energy than usual. People suffering from depression and stress can very well go for this type of strain.


This type of kratom is not any less to that of the Thai Kratom but the main effect of this Kratom is focused on pain relief, energy boosting and also has a considerable mood enhancing effects as well. There is still a discussion going on regarding the origin of this type of Kratom. People seeking pain relief can definitely opt for this strain.


Borneo kratom is also a very powerful Kratom and has the potential to treat muscular pain and the specialty of this Kratom is that it has the ability to produce some euphoric effect and can also be used as an addiction killer when used in the right doses. This type of Kratom still did not get that popular compared to that of the other strains of Kratom but still proves to have a decent effect when consumed.


The Bali strain is found in the islands of Bali and has all the basic properties of what a Kratom herb should have but additionally, it also has some effect on the weight loss and weight gain in a human. If you are a person who wants to shed some pounds of weight or gain few pounds, Bali Kratom is the right strain for you. But always remember to know the right dosage before getting into the medication.


The main factor that is determining the effect of what so ever Kratom you consume is the dosage of the drug. Any small disproportion in the dosage of the Kratom may lead you to even deadlier condition. Let us discuss the general dosage here,

  • For a beginner, a minimum of 2 grams of Kratom is enough to feel the effect. Normally a person who is so new to this medication can feel the effect in 45 minutes after you take the drug.
  • Once you are comfortable with the drug you can increase the dosage over the period of time which can be between 4 to 5 grams. If you have a big leap in the dosage you might have a sedative effect or even attacks.
  • For a pro, you can take a dosage up to 66 grams and anything more than that is definitely a problem.


You can enjoy all the benefits of the drug if you consume them in the right way. Always try to get an opinion from a doctor on the dosage that you will be needed before you start medicating yourself. Use the herb responsibly and abuse of any substance is not tolerable. Stay healthy and stay happy.