Vietnam Kratom and Its Different Strains

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With Kratom gaining increasing popularity for its many medical benefits, we wanted to take a moment to look closer at the different strains of Kratom that are out there and shed some light on a few things, and probably even a few strains, that you didn’t know about. Most strains of Kratom are processed from the leaves found growing in numerous Southeast Asian countries. One particular strain that is getting a lot of attention of late is the Maeng Da strain, from Thailand, which has green and red strains, depending on the harvesting and drying process used and is known for its high potency. Vietnam Kratom is available on many vendors in online for sale. Another strain that has developed an immense fan-following is Red Bali Kratom. In this article, we seek to explore a few of the less popular, but still very uniquely potent strains of Kratom; Vietnam Kratom.


As the name would suggest, Vietnam Kratom is a term to describe all strains of Kratom that are grown and harvested in the fields of Vietnam (unlike Red Bali, which is in fact not from the Bali province in Indonesia). What makes Vietnam Kratom different? For centuries, Kratom has been harvested by Vietnamese farmers, who have taken years and years to perfect their farming techniques and who cultivate the Kratom along the banks of the Mekong River. The climate prevailing at the Lower Mekong Basin has been seen to have a very distinct effect on the long-term growth of Kratom plants. That coupled with the soil found at the river bed, which is rich in minerals, can be attributed to giving Vietnam Kratom its special quality, which is what has recently driven up the market for the same. There has been a noted increase in Kratom vendors now tying up with these Vietnamese farmers to get the best product, that is heavy in key alkaloids such as mitragynine, mitraphylline and 7-hydroxymitragynine and very rich in color. Due to the climate and other geographical factors, leaves from Vietnam Kratom plants have been found to have up to 25% higher alkaloid levels than Kratom leaves from Thailand. Vietnam Kratom is available in four colors: yellow, red, white and green. The colors occur naturally during the process of drying the leaves. Let’s look a little deeper into some of their properties.


Yellow Vietnam Kratom has only recently been processed for sale in the Western Market but has already grabbed the attention of most Kratom users and is becoming more popular. Its uses are focused mostly on pain relief and creation of euphoric sensations. Its yellow color is developed from a process of drying the leaves that results in the production of yellow and gold colored veins on the leaves. Majority user reviews describe yellow Kratom as well balanced, granting the user both physical and mental relaxation.


Again, this strain is given its name due to the color developed during drying of the Kratom leaves. This strain has high levels of Isomitraphylline, Isorhynchophylline and Speciofoline. With such high concentration of Alkaloids, user reports have shown that green Vietnam Kratom is an especially effective stimulant, resulting in increased cognitive function, and more positive shift in mood, and can also have the effect of an analgesic. It has been used frequently, albeit unapproved, to treat depression. Green vein Kratom strains, in general, are well known for their properties as nootropics, more so than other colored strains.


This strain has by far gained the most popularity of the strains till date, causing an extreme increase in energy levels, as well as an improvement in the user’s mood, making them feel cheerful and relaxed. White Vietnam Kratom is far more potent than its sister strains, with its effects striking users much faster and lasting upwards of six hours. Users prefer to take this strain in smaller doses. This strain of Kratom is most effective for the user looking for that burst of physical energy coupled with a euphoric sense of joy.


Red Vietnam Kratom is a strain that is known for having up to 25% more alkaloids than the usual popular strains of Kratom. The wild leaves for this strain are farmed and harvested from fully grown Kratom trees found in the Sekadau district. It has been observed that the accelerated growth rate of the leaves of the Kratom tree, and even the exceptionally high alkaloid levels can be linked to the heavy rainfall experienced in this particular district of Vietnam. Red Vietnam Kratom creates a moderate sense of euphoria, similar but milder to that experienced by white Vietnam Kratom users. It also has nootropic properties similar to that of green Vietnam Kratom, resulting in stress relief and improved mood. But mostly, this strain of Kratom is known for increasing the energy levels in the users drastically and allow them to be more active. The euphoria adds to a feeling of motivation that can also help in improving one’s endurance.


To really know what strain of Vietnam Kratom would work for you, it would depend mostly on the results you are hoping for. Even though the effects of most strains of Kratom can seem largely similar, there are clear notable differences in the sensations targeted and affected by the different strains, as we observed above. There is also the additional consideration that often responses can vary from person to person, being affected by anything from brain chemical levels to more extreme mood swings. If you’re looking for a mood enhancer and a mental relaxant, maybe yellow Vietnam Kratom is for you. For increased focus and concentration to complete mental tasks, green Vietnam Kratom can be very effective. Red Vietnam Kratom might be what you need to get that energy boost you need to train for that upcoming triathlon. Or if all you really need is a short break from all the stress to take in a few moments of a unique sense of euphoric calm, white Vietnam Kratom might just be the strain for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that results can vary from person to person. To better understand which strain works for you, try the different strains to see what results suit your requirements best. Try the strains only one at a time, and after the effects of the others have worn off completely to get the best results.


The suggested dosage for Vietnam Kratom is approximately the same as that of other strains. The right dosage that causes the best result is 2.0 to 8.0 grams per day. Keep in mind that the most excellent effect of Kratom reaches in a small to moderate dose. At greater quantity, i.e., above 8 grams, the impacts are wild and commonly one or two alone. If a person desires to take pleasure in all the results, consume a moderate dose. For new users, it is best to take the minimal dose that works. The beginning dosage for all Kratom strains is between 1.0 to 2.0 grams.

The users of Vietnam Kratom and nearly all the other strains are adviced not to consume the strain on an empty stomach. It is also essential to stay well hydrated, as dehydration can happen with the intake of this strain. It is significant to use the Kratom capsules or powder in the accurate dosage. It is necessary to take advice from the Kratom expert while using it for the first time. It is generally prescribed in the capsule or powdered form. An experts advice with dosage may be needed while taking it to control effects, such as depression, pain, and stress. The Vietnam Kratom can be quiet appealing and the consumers are recommended to use it in moderateness or discussion with physician specialists.

It is advised not to consume a high dosage for the very first time. There is no need to mix strain with orange juice or any other component while a person is taking red vein Vietnam powder or any of its supplements. Since it is good to taste and does not leave any bad taste while consuming it directly.  One may also find that a couple of grams topped up with another gram after the next hour will be more than enough.

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