Tips on Storing Kratom at home


Kratom is one of the most exquisite herbs available to man. Hailing its origin from Thailand; the substance is widely found in the tropical countries of South-East Asia. The herb has been used a traditional medicine by the people of Thailand. It is used by the workers and slaves on 19th century Thailand for focus and concentration oriented work. Kratom leaves were chewed back them to attain the desired effects and results. With the developments and globalization; the world got shrunk into a touch screen to know about things happening in and around the world.

As the substance is currently used by millions of people to treat them from ailments and disorders; many people tend to get the Kratom and have it substances in stock for future use and urgent needs. This finally gets us to the topic on how to store Kratom at home. Let’s learn about better ways to keep the Kratom Powder, Extract, Capsules and leaves fresh for potential use. So let learn the tips on storing Kratom at home.

Storing Kratom in Controlled Temperature


Most of the people who consume the substance must have an idea about the alkaloids present in the substance. For people who lack knowledge of Alkaloids; each and every strain belonging to Kratom carries a minimum of 25 alkaloids to its name. Most common among the alkaloids is Mitragynine. This alkaloid is an opiate agonist and usually provides calming and sedating effects when consumed accordingly. When the substance is not stored in a controlled temperature; the alkaloid mitragynine converts into mitragynine pseudoindoxyl which functions as an opiate rival. To prevent this from happening; the substance is stored in a dry, temperature controlled airtight containers. The substance can be used to provide desired effects when the substance is stored properly before consumption.

Storing Kratom in Cold and Closed Room

In order to prevent the room temperature from fluctuating or getting warmer or colder; mostly the room is maintained air packed. The doors and windows of the room are often used to prevent the change in temperature in the room. Storing of Kratom in such air packed room can be a better choice. Fluctuating temperatures may push the alkaloids present in the substance to deteriorate. Certain types of medicines are stored in Refrigerators to prevent them from getting infected. Such a way Kratom is even stored by certain sets of people in Cold storing machines or refrigerators. This may not be always necessary but storing in cold temperatures may help with fresh and potent Kratom.

Storing Kratom in Sealed Container

Sometimes under uncertain situations, the herb gets drenched by water, gets into hands of kids, dust, losing potency with days passing. This can be used to help with Kratom being stored airtightly. Airtight contained lack the presence of air; so even bacteria’s struggle to thrive. The herb can develop modes and start to get thick when water reacts with Kratom Powder. The Means to store Kratom in Airtight containers may even help with the above-mentioned topics. Kratom can be stored airtightly in Ziploc packs and Jars.

Keeping Kratom away from Sunlight


As it is said earlier the substance is better suited to be stored in low-fluctuating temperatures to safeguard its potency. This may even help when the substance is not brought into contact with the sunlight. Strong in Glass or transparent jars and placing in spots which receive sunlight may even include. The plant is basically grown in a tropical climate which provide a systematic level of temperature for the plants to live. So both the leaf and the powder are better opted to be kept out of sunlight. The ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight would break down the molecules in Kratom making it less potent.

Noting the Date in the storage

If a person consumes a lot of Kratom and purchases Kratom often; then the purchase date can be stored in the Jars or Ziploc’s where the Kratom is stored. This may improve the consumption standards and one can keep track of his/ her consumption rate. The Storage aids with the oldest date would have a lot a deal of potency. Noting the date of purchase can benefit in details.

Keeping Kratom away from heat and moisture

As already mentioned, Kratom should not be placed in a spot facing sunlight’s directly; both kratom powder and leaf. The substance should not be placed in a spot which tend to emit heat such as stoves, ovens, Consumer Appliances. Heat reduces the potency of the substance. People placing the substance in Refrigerators can store the substances in small packages. Even when the substance is taken out for usage. The Packing should not even be opened until the storage container reaches the room temperature. Not only heat; moisture even has effects on Kratom.

Moisture is one of the worst enemies for Kratom. Even when it comes to dried leaves, the leaves absorb the moisture in a matter of time ruining the consumption. Even before brewing tea for consumption or consuming kratom powder; it is recommended to take the packing out when the need arises to consume

Keeping Kratom from Strong Odor

Kratom has the tendency to quickly absorb odor from its surrounding causing a nasty taste. This means the surroundings should be noted before storing the substances related to Kratom. The containers or Ziplocs even need to be checked with odor issues to prevent the substance from exhibiting unpleasing aroma and taste while consuming.

These are the tips to store Kratom in hope safely and cleanly. These methods help with proper consuming standards and proper potency. These methods influence the effects of consuming Kratom.

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