Thoughts on kratom by Scientists


Kratom is an herb belonging to the tropical countries of South-East Asia. The substance has gained plenty of ground over the years in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New-guinea, and Malaysia. Though Thailand is the origin country of Kratom; it had a ban on the substance over the period of 75 years from 1943 to 2018. The herb has been widely cultivated and exported to the American and European countries. With the recent surge over the herb’s medicinal and recreational benefits; many people have started using the herb. The herb is currently available for consumption in the forms of Powder, Extract, Capsules, and Dried Leaf.

View on Kratom

Even though the herb has been a traditional herb used by Thai people over the 19th century; the psychoactive properties have drastically damaged the name of the herb. There have been many people who have been benefitted by the herb. But the common view of the world is Kratom is a controlled substance. It shouldn’t be used to treat ailments and disorders. Despite millions of people using the substance for medication; many doctors have extended a support hand over the natural means of medication. As the herbs have co-existed with the humans over a longer period of time; it can heal humans with its natural compounds.

Concerns of the FDA

Concerns-of-the-FDAFDA has been pulling strings over a long period of time towards the entire ban of Kratom in the United States of America. Currently, the ban is an exercise in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. FDA has been consistently saying that the substance cannot be used as a replacement over the pharmaceutical drugs. The voice towards Kratom Ban made many Patients consuming Kratom and doctors write petitions to the White House to not authorize the Ban of Kratom. The FDA has been claiming the substance can cause nausea, anxiety, seizures, liver toxicity, itching. These are the adverse side of the substance when consumed in larger dosages over a prolonged period.

Scientists towards Kratom

With FDA on lines for the ban of the substance; the scientific community has been raised lots of questions. Many leading scientists have sent their petition to the white house against the ban of the substance. Scientists have warned the FDA that the Ban on Kratom may lead to opioid epidemic across the country. There are millions of patients who consume Kratom for the betterment of Health. Patients will suffer from various ailments and disorders without a proper replacement for natural medicine. Nine leading scientists even questioned the DEA administrator on the Kratom issues citing the researchers conducted by the FDA on kratom.

Healing Properties

Many researchers have conducted researches on Kratom and found many impressive factors. The substance is said to heal acute and chronic pains. The substance can be used to treat inflammatory diseases. It helps with a proper quality sleep for patients suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders. The substance can be a valuable medicine for patients from anxiety, depression and stress. The herb has helped with bowel movements with diarrheic patients. The substance helps with cardiovascular functioning. It helps with proper blood circulation. The herb has been used as a staple by the people of Thailand. The workers and slaves of Thai people have been made to consume the substance for uplifted motivated and focused features towards work. The Scientist has also quoted the point that; the substance has been a traditionally used herb by people of Thai. They haven’t suffered from side effects and death effects over a vast period of time. They also mention the millions of patients who depend on Kratom will be stranded from their physical well-being and plunged towards drug abuse.


ResearchScientists have asked to conduct researches on the substance. With varied approach towards the herb; a scientist has asked to better conduct researches on the substance to know the benefits and effects the plant can exhibit or even help with. With further researches, the consumers may benefactor with much more development and enhanced forms of natural medications. Many people are in dilemma over the synthetic pharmaceutical medications. They prefer natural medications. With over 10 long years and billions of dollars pushed into the pharmaceutical industry to derive the better means of medications; it would be a serious crisis state if the FDA pushes the ban on the herb.


There are even hearings in such a way that the FDA has been pressured by the Pharmaceutical medicine companies. This is during to the decreasing demand over the pharmaceutical medicines with growing years. Though there are certain death cases related to Kratom none have been proved; because those deaths are caused by the factor of multiple drugs used. This may have exhibited varied chemical reaction in the human body which may have resulted in death.

Voices Raised

With the voices raised by many doctors and scientists against the ban on the substance; the American Kratom Association has backed these doctors and scientists for standing by the truth and reprising it to the public. They also voice on the need of researches on Kratom to know about its potential good.


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