Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Shoppingkratom.com source strictly does not provide any medical advice

The information in the articles provided on this source is only a mentor for medical users or patients who are looking for the proper guide to intake their medicines. All the data are in the articles published on our website is only for information purpose. Our aim is not to replace professional doctors or their treatment suggestions. Medical condition must be well checked only by a doctor and not by the information provided in our source. It can exclusively be your risk to depend on the information provided in Shoppingkratom.com. The website gives only the information needed to follow the medical procedure. Doctor’s advice should be taken to confirm whether to take this particular medication for your medical state. This website does not own any of your own responsibilities of taking the medication yourself referring to this website.

Shoppingkratom.com has accurate and up-to-date information but no guarantee is made to that effect. Using any particular drug with the absence of disclaimer should not be constructed to specify that taking the drug is safe or effective.


The information related to the website is the sole property of shoppingkratom.com. They are firmly protected under the copyright and the trademark rights of the official laws. We hold the full right to change or rearrange any information on the website without any prior announcements.

Commercial use of our content

Sharing, copying our website content for business purpose is strictly prohibited, unless or until you have the proper approval from authorities to do so. If used the content without any proper permission from higher authorities, then that existing content must be destroyed.

Personal use of our content

Shoppingkratom.com grants personal, non-commercial license to view or download any information for personal use.

Use on other websites

The articles on Shoppingkratom.com can be referred on any of your websites as long as you indicate the URL with the site name – Shoppingkratom.com as the source. 

Third party advertisements

The site sometimes may allow the advertisements from the third party that may allow you to purchase the respective products. Shoppingkratom.com does not have any rights to verify the quality of the products offered by the third-party merchants. It is completely your responsibly and we do not control or authorize any product to verify them. The processing of the order, billing or the customer services are solely the responsibilities of the third-party merchants. Any damage to the respective product or the the transactions made with the third party is not a liability of Shoppingkratom.com.

Links to external websites

Shoppingkratom.com contains various links to the external websites. These websites contain general information or medical related information that are not validated for accuracy by our source.

Assorted terms

Shoppingkratom.com is not responsible for any damage due to virus or any other malicious software present within the site.  The data submitted to us by the submission forms are intended to our privacy policy. We do not take any responsibility that occurred due to the use or incapability to use our website.

Warranty Limitations

The data which has been provided on this website will not give any descriptions or warranties to the info included in it, either indirect or signified. Shoppingkratom.com and its other members will not give any type of descriptions or warranties to the info regarding the product or Kratom vendors provided on this website.

The warrant was given on Shoppingkratom.com for the confirmation of no:

  • The data provided on the site will be ready to use uniformly, or else
  • The info on the website is accurate, complete, real, and up-to-date.

Doctor’s Help

The consumers are requested not to trust the data that has been given on the website. It is certainly not a medicinal recommendation or any conference on behalf of your health conditions. If you have any questions about the health conditions, you just need to consult with a specialized physician or any other qualified healthcare supplier. If you feel that you are suffering from any type of health condition, you should search for instant pharmaceutical care.

Legal Concern

Nothing in this medicinal disclaimer that has been given on the website will limit any of our legal responsibilities. Therefore it is not allowable below any relevant law or in exclusive of any of our liabilities under the suitable law.


Not any content or info that is contained on this website disclaimer will omit or restrict any warranty of Shoppingkratom.com, implied by the law which may be illegal to reject or, limit them. Consequently, it will be legally responsible with reference to;

  • Death or personal injury caused by carelessness;
  • Controversial or fake falsification in the side of com; or else
  • Illegal or unlawful presentation of content or product sources from the portion of come to reject or boundary its legal responsibility.

Limitations of Liability

Shoppingkratom.com and its agents, vendors, and any companions will not be legally responsible to you in terms of the contents and data usage or in association with this website;

  • The info given on the website is for free of charge, on behalf of any straight loss;
  • For any important or unintended loss;
  • The loss in any job layout or income loss, revenue, or any investments, professional company or agreements loss, or fraud of info or records.

The disadvantages of legal responsibility will also be practical to Shoppingkratom.com even in an instance of potential loss.


By means of using this website, you will be automatically accepted to the omissions and the limits of legal responsibility that has been given on this website disclaimer or sensible.

Other Parties Entree

You also accept that the entity of limited legal responsibility of Shoppingkratom.com has the interests in controlling the individual obligation of any of its officers or staffs from the assured parts on this website. Thus, you will come to an understanding that you will not make any assertion contrary to the data on the Shoppingkratom.com website. Added, at any reason neither the officers nor on workers with reference to any losses which you may undergo in association with this website.

Unenforceable Supplies

If any of the info which has been given on the website disclaimer is or found to be unenforceable, under any appropriate law, we make sure that it will not disturb the enforceable of any other supplies of this website disclaimer.