PurKratom is one of our favorites. It might be relatively new to its sector of Kratom, but that doesn’t put you off. The products that PurKratom.com offer are superior in quality and the perfect formula helps in anxiety and pain a lot. In the beginning, they only offered a specific variety of Kratom. But, the growth of the company in the last year is so drastic that it offers almost all varieties of Kratom currently. PurKratom’s founder is a legend and he cares about people’s health very much. Another thing that made us try Kratom is its numerous varieties. And it is said that they will launch a few more products in the near future.

The major people prefer it only because of its way of making. It doesn’t actually need a huge process like other drugs since the raw leaf of Kratom can be just chewed and consumed. And, when it is made into powder too, it involves an extraction process that gives fine effective powder in the end. This Kratom powder becomes so powerful because of the effective way of making it. PurKratom also assure that they never process leaves treated with pesticides or any other chemicals. With all the above detailing, they offer these products at mid-range. Their products range from 10$ – 45$, depending on the quantity they sell. Here, we recommend PurKratom if you are looking for something great to start off with. Here, We have provided PurKratom review by completely broadcasting all the features, Pros and Cons etc. of the PurKratom.

Who is PurKratom?

purkratomPurKratom is an American based company that delivers its products throughout the continent of US and Hawaii only. This company has been around for a few years and they have earned a great reputation. People from these areas claim that this company which is doing great in the US and Hawaii if gets customer base across the globe, it would be outstanding. One of the main reasons for their success is their quality and adulteration-free products. And they also claim that all those products are processed from purely organic Kratom leaves that are free of herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals. It is also tested from third-party that the product inside the package is original, safe and legal.

They are gaining the public trust so easily because they use their own products to treat the anxiety and pain for their employees and the founder himself. This showed us that they believe the product and it’s not about selling alone.

What are the Highlights of PurKratom?

highlights-of-purkratomQuality is the key factor for the success of Purkratom and they do not compromise on that easily. Hence, I have listed some of the important things in this article that one must consider Kratom buy from Purkratom.com.


The majority of their business runs mostly on this particular quality of Purkratom. We have seen that they have never missed out a single time on their quality as they continue to excel in this department and this is very well displayed in their selling method. Purkratom also back all their products with a third-party test report that one can find easily on their online store. Each and every product has its own test report which gives an added weightage to their trust. Most importantly they never miss out on the quantity mentioned in their products. When it comes to the usage of their products you sense a feel of satisfaction as their products is genuine.


One of their key things to attract a majority of customers is the wide range of products which are displayed on their site is the number of listings. They always ensure that they give you the most number of products which is currently available in the market at an affordable pricing. Purkratom have almost all the variety which is available and known to us. They continuously work on their research to give their customers a sense of different touch from the same boring old stuff. This is the reason why Purkratom is widely liked by most of the people in the United States. Generally, people look for the variety and this is very well understood and captured by the research team of Purkratom and they do not fail to serve people in any way.


They price their products aggressively to make sure that they are well ahead of the competitors and to ensure that they also get benefited out of the business. One of the key things that the new buyer looks for is the factor of value for money. Even if you are a new consumer of kratom, you will not regret buying a product from them and they assure you that you are served the needful in every possible way. The products range from 10 dollars to 45 dollars which makes very much easier for a mid-range customer to buy from their website. You can also get PurKratom discount by using some Coupon codes which are available on the website.


They do not make you wait for a long period to taste and feel their products. They act immediately on the orders and also ensures that you receive the product in two or three days from the date of delivery. They also ensure that the product is free from any adulteration and that is where they stand aside from the competitors. It is very well known that they do not charge you anything for delivery as they do not have a minimum purchase bracket to force you to buy for a specified amount. Many other sellers charge you more for their products and also make you shell out more delivery charge for their products. Over here, they do not make you pay anything extra and also does not burn a hole in your pocket.


Their website flow is one of the most user-friendly sites where you can browse though their products effortlessly and makes you feel easy. You do not have to go and search the product on your own as they display almost all of their premium products on their homepage. Some websites do not care about their sever speeds and they ensure that they never go down at any time. Due to the higher sever speed, they make your browsing experience even smoother.

What is the negative end of PurKratom?

review-on-purkratomThere is nothing much to be discussed in this field as they serve the customers in every possible way to ensure that the quality is always a top notch. As I do not want to stay biased towards my review on PurKratom  I can surely say a con that if you are trying to recover from a deadly disease like cancer, then this is not the website that you are looking for. In these scenarios, the drug becomes ineffective and won’t serve the demands of the user.

What are the products and pricing of PurKratom?

They offer a range of products. But, here we’ll see some of their most effective and popular products:

Products of PurKratom:

kratom-products-and-priceWhite Sumatra Kratom Powder

White Sumatra is an Indonesian Kratom strain. It often gets misidentified with the White Indo Kratom strain. White-veined Kratom exhibits a stimulating effect when consumed. The substances can slightly more potential than the Indo Kratom. The strain can exhibit mental sharpness, Euphoria and energy as its key traits. Increased consumption, the person can fall off into sedation. The medium or average dosage of the substance can be of 4 to 6 grams.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Red Maeng Da Kratom belongs one of the most common Kratom strains used globally; Red-veined Kratom. Red Veined Kratom exhibits sedation when consumed. Red-veined Kratom is most suitable Kratom strains for Beginners. Maeng Da is native to Thailand; place of origin of Kratom. Red Maeng Da shows Calming and painkilling traits in it. The substance gives increased focus, helps with anxiety, depression, better mood and lowered pain.

Premium Bali Kratom Powder

Premium Bali hails Indonesia to be its land. Premium Bali is basically a red-veined Kratom strain. The substance is consumed for chronic pains. Premium Bali Kratom is one of the best mood emphasizers among Kratom. Premium Bali is one of the best replacements for Anxiety and depression medications. It is also said to be a good energizer.

Super Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Super Green Maeng Da Kratom is one among the green-veined Kratom. The green-veined Kratom exhibits a balanced effect and stays in between white and red Kratom type. Maeng Da belongs to Thailand. Green Maeng Da Kratom is one of most potent green veined Kratom. It carries a stimulating and uplifting effect; it calms and provides relaxation. The average dosage of the strain can be 3 to 5 grams.

White Bali Kratom Powder

White Bali Kratom belongs to the white-veined Kratom. Bali strains belong to Indonesia, one of the largest exporters of Kratom. The white veined Kratom carries a stimulating and uplifting effect when consumed. The substance can be energizing, focus-centered and stimulating. White Bali Kratom also helps with memory functions. It is one of the best mood enhancing Kratom strains. The average dosage of the strain can be from 3 to 5 grams.

Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Green Maeng Da Kratom belongs to the forests of Thailand. Green Maeng Da can be identified as a Green-veined Kratom strain. The substance can exhibit balanced effects. It is a potent and stimulating strain. The substance produces a feeling of sedation over a heavy dosage. The substance can be used for mood enhancing and motivating effects. Green Maeng Da manages a good balance between the energizing and relaxing. Maeng da means Pimp grade aka the best quality.

Pricing of PurKratom products:

  • White Sumatra Kratom Powder – 19.99$
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder – 19.99$
  • Premium Bali Kratom Capsules – 16.99$
  • Super Green Maeng Da Capsules – 16.99$
  • White Bali Kratom Capsules – 16.99$
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder – 19.99$

Did PurKratom Coupon code available?


Yes, PurKratom.com has been selling the best in Quality of the Kratom Powder and Capsules. PurKratom has been treating its customers with care and proper responses from the start. PurKratom has come up with coupon codes for discounts for its customers. Customers can avail these coupon codes and enjoy the discounts for the amount in the cart. Here I have listed some of the PurKratom Coupon Codes and its offers.

Sl. No Coupon Code Offer
1 Shop10% 10% discount Site wide
2 GET10OFF 10% discount Site wide
3 Deal activated – No Coupon needed Free Shipping
4 BF30 30% discount on Friday Sale
5 false 15% discount

Shipping & Customer Service

PurKratom offers exceptional customer service and fast delivery over the entire United States. They even offer first class mailing, Priority mailing and priority express mailing. With these fast means of shipping. One can get the package at the maximum of 3 days in your hands including the land and air travel route of the package. PuraKratom even offers 30 days money back guarantee if the Kratom products if not up to your expectations. You can reach the customer care with the number 1-(800) 985-6429; it is displayed in the website main page for the customer’s comfort.

PurKratom blog – Why is that helpful?

PurKratom is helpful and handy because they offer good Kratom products at fast delivery rates. The website offers Kratom powder and capsules of good quality. PurKratom has Kratom strains of all vein variants. They even offer same day shipping which is the main reason for the fast delivery. They even offer variety packs of three strains for its customers to enjoy the experience. The website intends to sell pure and quality Kratom products to its customers.

Disclaimer by the Purkratom

PurKratom has clearly stated and mentioned in the main page that none of the products are checked and cleared by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). The articles and the contents in the website clearly state to place an order only if you are in a country where Kratom is in legal status. Even before placing an order the website checks your nation before carrying on with shipping. PurKratom even does not sell Kratom Products for people below the age of 21. The website says the Products are no medical replacement to pharmaceutical drugs and medicine. They are just health enhancers.

How to order in PurKratom?

PurKratom has it functions completely dealt through online. All the products mentioned in the website carries the details of dosage in it and the prices. One needs to create a user account to make the purchase process easier for them. The website lists both Kratom Powder and capsules.

Kratom Powder: Kratom Powder in PurKratom is normally made of 1 ounce or 28 grams. All the strains are available in the same sizes. Accounts can maximum order 9 ounces of Kratom Powder.

Kratom capsules: Kratom capsules In PurKratom is made up of packages filled with 50 Kratom capsules. A user can place an order up to 9 packages of Kratom capsules.

The additional features of PurKratom

Here Additional features of PurKratom are listed

  • Multiple Strain Purchase

The Website offers pleasing deals in a higher amount. A user can order any strains up to considerable dosage. PurKratom does not even claim to be a wholesaler. The service the website offers is quite attractive

  • Description words

It is easy to purchase strains for even beginners with PurKratom. The website has description words in each strain pages. It can be useful to determine the effects the strains can dispense which makes the purchase process easier.

  • Payments

PurKratom offers many means of Payment transactions. Once the strains are selected and the payment process is progressed. You can pay through either credit or debit cards of service providers MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network etc…

  • User Reviews on PurKratom

Even if the description words are not compelling; one can make use of the user reviews displayed below the strains. It can help one to make even more precise purchase.

  • Privacy

PurKratom does offer encrypted information safeguarding. The personal details including the name, contact details, billing address, payment credentials nothing with be sold or lend to any other 3rd party.

  • Affiliate Networking

PurKratom even deals with affiliate marketing with its loyal customers. Affiliate networking helps the website to generate more traffic. The website even pays good commission to its affiliates.

How to Contact PurKratom?

The address and the contact details of the website can be easily found online in PurKratom website. 9737 North West 41 ST #764 Doral FL 33178 is the address where the website operates. The customer service can be accessed from 9 to 5 through the weekdays. The customer care no +1 (800) 985-6429 can be found on the main page of the website. One can even write to PurKratom through mail at support@purkratom.com. Other than these features PurKratom even offers a query section to ask the question regarding Kratom and Kratom Products.

Final words on PurKratom Reviews

If you haven’t tried Kratom in your life or you are hesitant to take it, we recommend PurKratom  without any doubt as we have completely reviewed PurKratom. They offer superior quality product extracted from the finest of the Southeast Asian Kratom trees. Quality is one best about them. Next are the shipping speed and accuracy. If you order any of their products today it will be shipped within 2-3 working days and at your doorstep which becomes extremely convenient for you. And availing their offers can help you with the cost factors. I hope that our Article on PurKratom Reviews is useful to our viewers.

So, this is our verdict and we strongly recommend PurKratom for your anxiety and pain related solutions.

If you wish to Buy Kratom from PurKratom Kindly click the following link: PurKratom.com

PurKratom Customer Reviews:

Elma Grubb : I have been surfing the web for a very long time to find a perfect vendor for kratom and every time I have ended up in failure to find the perfect vendor. This particular vendor named PurKratom has been exceptional in terms of the quality which they deliver to the customers and I have been their regular customer for so many years now.

Joel Browning : I have been looking out for some accessories for my kratom powder and I ended up in failure after searching many vendors from my side. One of my friends suggested Purkratom for me and they have all the required accessories for every kratom product and their delivery time is also quick when compared to others.

Clifford Roberson : Due to depression I had so many in my life off late and one of my colleagues suggested me the website named Purkratom where they sell products named kratom which then helped me to solve all the issues related to depression and anxiety after consuming their kratom products and now I am having a stress-free life.

Amber Williams : The variety of strains which the PurKratom has is by far the vast when compared with the other vendors. Initially, I got bored of tasting the same kratom variant for a very long period of time and when I came to know about PurKratom, I found a lot of new variants and thanks to their R&D.

Bernard Allan : This website is a complete package for all your kratom needs and you don’t have to go and search for the accessories that you need to buy for a capsule and they have every bit of accessories in their website and that is the reason why they are a complete package for kratom.

Robert Hewitt : When it comes to delivery, the only vendor whom I trust is PurKratom because they have never failed to keep their words, as they continue to excel in terms of delivery speed as they promise during shopping.