Privacy Policy

This privacy policy would be pertinent to the website and to its connected websites, who can receive the information about the users while using any of these sites. The user must follow or agree to provide their personal information to use the information in this site. The user cannot use this website if the user disagrees to the terms and privacy policy of this website.

Gathering and processing the user’s personal information

The personal information that we might need :

  • The personal information will be collected only with the interest of the user. Special marks would be shown for all the concerned information, whereas the other information would be given only at the user’s caution.
  • The information would be directly transferred to the site and collected includes the IP address, information from the cookies, browser’s history, the address of the implanted page.
  • other information about the user is specified in the regulatory documents of the individual service.
  • All the privacy policies have no effects on other websites. It would be effective only on this website.
  • It does not do any verification on the personal information provided by the user. However, it is just that user should provide their true information in the registration form and have to be maintaining the same up to date.

Reason for the need of  users personal information  :

  • To provide our proper service to the users, we need their personal information.
  • Providing personal information would be used for the following purpose
  • To provide our specialized service to the users
  • To communicate with the user regarding the new updates on the website and to give other services as per the user’s request.
  • To improve and develop the quality of the site and to give easy access to our website.
  • Targetting the advertising materials.

Conditions for blocking the personal information to the third parties:

  • For the proper services, we store the personal data of the users.
  • All the information about the users are kept confidentially unless the users want to create their own profile, then some of their information will be available publicly.
  • If the user requires services from other sites in particular, then the information will be transferred.
  • Such transfer of the information happens within the provided framework of the procedure established by the law. Also, as the part of the sale or business regarding with the terms of this policy.
  • To make sure that the user’s information that is collected are protected and we would control the legal interest or third parties in cased where the user violated the site’s user agreement.

Changing users personal information:

  • Using the available editing function, the user can edit their personal information any time and can also modulate the privacy settings.
  • The user can delete their private information which they have given to us during their registration.
  • Efforts used to protect the user’s personal information:
  • We would like to take all the needed technical steps to protect the user’s information from the unauthorized, blocking, copying, publishing or transmitting. Also, legal actions would be taken with the third parties with it.

Changing the privacy policy: has the rights to make any changes to the privacy policy. The information will be given when we are making changes to any of the current version of the policy by the indicating the date of operation and it would come into force from that instant.