Privacy Policy

privacy policy

The Privacy policy of the website is surrounded by a frame in such a way for allowing you to understand in what method we handle the data which you deliver through us when communicating with us. Using this website is totally free of cost. We will not request you to register with us for using this website. You can visit and make use of the data provided on this website at any time you need in easy and conventional conditions without any procedure similar to registering or signing up.

Since it is a harmless and user-friendly website you are allowed to visit or stay on this site according to your convenience. We promise you that we will not give and take your privacy at any cost. In addition to that, we will not request your personal or financial details to use in any portion or side of this website.

You can keep an eye on any particular link which leads you to the callus page to request all your queries and misgivings with respect to any info that provided on our website. You will be requested to give your email address and name along with the message or query which you desired us to identify. With this email address, we will stab to response your queries. We will not utilize your email address for any other reason and we will not share this with any third-party groups since we merely control the client’s catalog.

We also gather your email address while you send any emails to our inbox. The data will be utilized for the purpose of replying to you back. We guarantee that we will not use your email address for any type of advertising or marketing regarding the info that we are giving on the website.

We will not gather any data from any user who spends time on our website other than their email address and name. Therefore, hereby we declare that your privacy is maintained well and the info that you share with us will be protected. You are most welcome to surf the website at any time.