What is Reason behind Gaining Popularity of Kratom Usage on Cosmetics?


Kratom is a Mitrgyna Speciosa is an herb from the tropical countries of South-east Asia. The herb hails Thailand to be its origin. The plant has been used as a traditional drink for the workers of Thailand to boost their focus and concentration and boosting their body. The plant is widely used by many people for two decades. The substance is available in the form of Powder, Capsules, Extract, and Dried Leaf etc… The herb is a psycho-active plant even. With its medicinal and psychoactive properties, the plant can be termed a healer or a recreational drug. Though the plant has been said to boast a lot of medicinal benefits; overconsumption over a long time leads to adverse side effects. Due to increasing numbers of Kratom vendors, users are able to shop kratom in ease manner.


Is-it-fine-to-Use-Kratom-in-CosmeticsOver the years with development and upward standards of living has made people use a lot of extravagant things. This may even include cosmetics used to beautify him/her. Cosmetics can be used to provide freshness for our face. Many people find applying makeup give them a positive look and boosts their motivation over the day. Cosmetics market has hit a global GDP of 265 Billion US $ by 2017. The market demands and the global expansion of the cosmetic industry have been on the surge over the years. But are these cosmetics made up of natural or synthetic components? Wrong use of cosmetics can cause allergies and skin diseases even. There are companies using products based on natural raw materials. People have started to care less about their health over the years.

Synthetic vs. Natural Cosmetics

Synthetic Cosmetics

Synthetic can be meant by anything derived out of a chemical reaction irrespective of the input. The input may even include Natural materials along with synthetic compounds which results in an output which exhibits differentiated reaction compared to the natural input. Such derived Synthetic compounds may be harsh and hard on human skin. Skin is one the most sensitive sense organs. The natural compounds have coexisted with humans for a longer period of time now. This may help with the repairing of the damages caused by or from external sources.

Natural Cosmetics

Humans first started to use Natural cosmetics to beautify themselves but with the development phase, synthetic cosmetics started to provide faster-expected results compared to the natural counterparts. With the years passing most of the world is into synthetic cosmetics. Researcher started to learn more about the synthetic compounds and the damage it causes to the body. Many Cosmetics firms started to manufacture natural means of cosmetics to lure consumers. Aloe Vera, Lavender, Jojoba, Tea Tree, Geranium, Basil, Rosemary, Roses are some of the widely used natural raw materials to produce cosmetics. But recently we have started to hear a new name that has entered the cosmetics industry

Kratom in Cosmetics

Kratom has been turning to be one of the most famous herbs man has crossed over. The plant boasts psycho-active and medicinal traits which have been proven. Although in recent days a European firm has researched Kratom for using it as a Cosmetic component. But can Kratom perform as a Cosmetic Component? Seem to have the answer is yes. The herb does not exhibit its healing or psycho-actives through the cosmetics. However, the alkaloid present in the Kratom comes to rescue yet in another field. Catechin and Rhamnose are two alkaloids present in Kratom. The compound Is extracted either separately or when certain strains possess both the compounds together.

Even the alkaloid Mitragynine helps with cells damage in the human body. Studies have proven the anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen properties of Kratom. Antioxidants help with providing young look rather than drying the face-up. Even the regulatory agency belonging to the European Union which has one of the most strict drug laws has raised a banner over the substance being used in the Cosmetic Industry. A cosmetic made using Kratom as a Raw material can be seen in the forms of hair shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, hand and lotion liquid, hand and face cream. These products are approved by the European Union to be used by the public. Lately, European Countries has been using Kratom as a recreational drugs lot.

Is it fine to Use Kratom in Cosmetics?

Kratom has been banned in many countries in the world. The FDA has been trying to ban the substance in the USA where it has been already in the ban in certain provinces. The place of Kratom Origin even banned Kratom with the Kratom Act 2486, 1943. Thailand recently lifts the ban on Kratom by December 2018. There have been many researchers conducted on Kratom which has deemed Kratom safer to use. Though it is a herb; benefits are multi-effective. Extracts can be used to treat a disease particularly without the intent of consuming the entire substance. The world needs more natural over Artificial.  What has coexisted with a human can heal and treat human irrespective of the field.

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