Past and Future of Kratom

Past and Future of Kratom

MitrgynaSpeciosa or Kratom; a natural plant belongs to the  countries of South-east Asia has been on the trend for the past few decades till present. The herb has been gaining a lot of potential consumers in the American and European countries.  Let’s devour into the origin of the plant and see the upcoming changes the plant may cause among the human community.

Past of Kratom

Kratom is a tropical plant hails its native to the forests of the south-east Asian country; Thailand. The people of the country seem to have used the plant as a traditional herb since the 19th century. The leaves of the plant are said to have psychoactive and healing traits contained in them. The plant has been a staple among the community. The users were workers who used the herb for its healing and relaxational effects. The locals seem to have consumed the plant by chewing the leaves of the plant to attain the effects. The indigenous plant proved a threat to the opium trade as it was a considerable cheap replacement. The government of Thailand was forced to ban the herb to save its opium trade. The Ban came into existence with Kratom Act 2486, 1943. The plant achieved heavy grounds in tropical neighbors of Thailand; Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and in Papua New Guinea. The plant boasts lots of medicinal benefits based on the dosages of consumption

Types and Effects

The plant is said to be classified based on the vein color; Red, White, Green. Each of the vein colors carries varied effects and benefits. There is plenty of strain that gets sub-classified such as Maeng Da, Horned, Bali, Borneo based on the widely grown bases, its traits, or just the fancy names given by the suppliers. Kratom psycho-active properties can be uplifting as well sedation. The medicinal Properties have gained the herb a huge consumer base. Though the entire benefits of the plant are yet to be known; here are a few

  1. Calming and Relaxation
  2. Heals fatigue
  3. Treats sleeping Disorders
  4. Acts as a Painkiller
  5. Deals with Cardiovascular problems
  6. Anti-depressant
  7. Treats Diarrhea
  8. Heals inflammation etc.…

Despite the fact of its healing and medicinal benefits; the plant can be subjective to carry adverse side effects when consumed in larger dosages for a longer period of time. The substance is now available for consumption in the forms of Powder, Leaves, Capsules, and Extracts.

Future of the plant

With the plant gaining lots of users around the world; many nations are in consideration of removing the herb from the controlled substances list. Thailand; the native country to the herb has made a step forward by reducing the boundaries of the ban. On 26th December 2018; Thailand legislature has legalized the use of Medical Kratom and lowered the bars. Malaysia is also considering the legalization of Medical Kratom. The South-east Asian region is one of the zones where strict laws on drugs have been in existence. With them moving forward with the legalization movements the non-synthetic substance can be put for proper use. We can expect much more nations to pull the strings towards a better future.


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