Mixing Coffee and Kratom

Mixing Coffee and Kratom

Caffeine was the original addiction of the world and still holds supreme as the morning booster most people need to get through their day. Drinking coffee can spur an increase in energy levels and focus and is known for improving the moods of the people who drink it, especially regular coffee drinkers. Believe it or not, a mood enhancing effect isn’t the only thing coffee has in common with kratom. These two plants are actually from the same family Rubiaceae. Because of this, when taken in low doses, kratom actually has many effects similar to that of coffee, though kratom offers many many more medical benefits. Kratom has accordingly gained immense popularity in recent years, both because of its similarities to coffee and for the numerous other benefits it provides.

What are other similarities between coffee and kratom?

We know that coffee and kratom are both naturally growing derivatives of plants, processed for convenient consumption so that their effects can benefit users. We can even see that some of the effects are similar, uplifting the moods and energy levels of consumers because the two are derived from the same family. So let’s look into what other similarities these two have?

Historical use:

Both these herbs have a long winding past of use by the natives of their lands of origin, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. It was only many, many, many years after the discovery and utilization of the herbs in limited spheres that these plants were studied and processed into the refined forms we use today, making available to us all the health benefits they provide.

Chemical Composition:

Being from the same family, and plants of a similar nature, the alkaloid content of these plants is somewhat similar, and the alkaloid systems found in these plants almost mirror each other. It is this system of alkaloid production that creates the chemicals that produce the medicinal benefits and psychoactive effects of both plants. It is the interaction of these alkaloids with our own body chemistry that creates these uplifting and energetic effects.

Common usage:

While both coffee and kratom are available in different forms (such as powders, candies, and pills in the case of both), there is a clear preference from users to ingest these refined herbs in liquid form. Coffee has for a very long time been most consumed by boiling it with water and drinking it. Kratom is also preferred by many users to be had in a similar way, as an herbal beverage like tea. They both can also be found in the form of liquid extracts that have a greater potency than the usual forms of consumption.


While coffee in its finest form usually has an extremely pleasant aroma, far more pleasant than that of kratom, the raw forms of kratom and coffee both have an extremely bitter taste. Usually, kratom is consumed in powder form but because of the bitterness and unpleasant taste, it is often mixed with other foods and liquids and then consumed. Similarly, many people prefer their coffee with milk and sugar. However, there are still those out there who prefer the bitter taste. For those who don’t, it is truly lucky that both these herbs can be used as mixing agents and mixed with other items.

Consumable in Pill Form:

While the preferred method to have either coffee or kratom is oral ingestion with food or drinks, both of these are available in the market in pill form. Caffeine pills are often utilized by intense athletes or bodybuilders who requires an extra boost of energy and focus. Kratom capsules are also slowly gaining popularity, though less so with recreational users. Kratom capsules are in fact best suited for, and largely used by people struggling with opiate or substance withdrawal or chronic physical pains that are being treated with pre-determined doses of kratom.

What is the difference?

While we now know that coffee and kratom have many similarities, you will find that they have far more differences in those similarities. At the end of the day, there is a reason why coffee is freely available in every grocery store, market, restaurant or household globally while kratom is limited to specific sources through trusted vendors and carefully regulated. Here are a few of the things that separate coffee from kratom:

The scope of the Effects: While kratom and coffee both give the primary effects of a stimulant, the effects of kratom stretch far above and beyond simply the role of a stimulus. Though the role of coffee is largely stimulatory alone, kratom, when ingested, also serves to drastically increase energy levels, allow users to better regulate sleeping habits, relieve chronic pains, improve and enhance mood levels, create a sense of joy and happiness for the user, and even improve mental and cognitive functions. It is why the role of kratom in medical aid is being so heavily studied.


Not only do caffeine and kratom differ in the extent of the effects caused but also the strength of those effects on the human mind and body. While the alkaloid systems found in both these plants are very similar, the true potency of the effects produced by these alkaloids differs. Caffeine has in the past been used to allow relief from minor pains and stresses. However, Kratom is regularly used by chronic pain patients to relief long-term suffering, as it desensitizes the pain receptors of the body. Even the euphoria and joy created by consumption of kratom is of a much higher potency than caffeine, depending on the strain and dosage.

Different Strains:

While there are many different types of coffee and caffeine is itself utilized in many different kinds of sports and energy drinks, the strain of plant from which the caffeine is derived still remains the same. In the case of kratom, there are many different strains that also fall under different types, for example, Gold Bali kratom, in which Gold is the type and Bali is the strain. And different strains and types accordingly have different effects. Some strains amplify positive responses in the brain to bring about a sense of euphoria, others make the users energetic and some strains are even used solely to help the user sleep.

Side Effects and Risks:

Both caffeine and kratom have their side-effects. With excessive consumption of caffeine, there are possibilities of insomnia or even dizziness and nausea. But with kratom, doses for consumption must be carefully measured as excessive usage and unregulated high doses can lead to more lethal and risky effects. With greater potency comes greater responsibility, and while kratom can help treat many ailments and provide serious medical benefits in small doses, in larger unrestrained doses, kratom can be very damaging.


Caffeine (and coffee) are freely available almost everywhere that it can be sold and in whatever form it can be sold, and there are no restrictions in place in terms of its extraction, processing or utilization. However, with kratom, numerous regulations are in place with some countries have outlawed the substance entirely and other countries questioning its potential for abuse. Even though the health benefits of kratom have become better known and have increased the popularity of this herb, due to the euphoric effect it can cause, many countries will not recognize it as a medical product. The sale of kratom is largely only available online.

Can You Mix Kratom and Coffee?

As discussed earlier, both kratom and coffee are mixing agents with all kinds of substances including each other. If you need that morning cup of coffee to get through the day and are also taking kratom to treat a chronic pain, opiate or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, depression, anxiety, fatigue or even digestive issues, you can add the kratom to your coffee and avoid the excessively bitter taste. Once you have carefully measured out your dosage, you can add it to your coffee as it boils, much like with the recipe for kratom tea. Or for added ease, you can simply mix your measured dose into a ready-made cup of coffee, and stir the concoction until the powder dissipates.

Just keep in mind, you are mixing two potent substances, with differing levels of potency, but potent nonetheless. Be extremely careful when measuring out your dosage and note that the process of adding kratom to your brew, especially if you brew them together, will enhance the effects of both. If you are mixing your coffee and kratom, start out with smaller doses first than you usually have an increase from there.

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