Kratom for Pregnancy


Can a woman be affected during pregnancy by the use of Kratom? Is it safe to get Kratom during pregnancy? Will it cause miscarriage? There are many other questions which arise before using any drug. There are many drugs which cannot be used or is not safe to use during pregnancy. Those which are not safe may cross the placental barrier which helps during the growth of a fetus.

Some drugs like CNS stimulants and alcohol are not used during pregnancy because they may cause neuronal defects and child deformation may take place. Deformations may be like spina bifida and microencephaly.

Safety of Kratom during pregnancy:

As we all know, Kratom is a natural leaf. Since it has no additives it can be used safely. Also, there has been no review yet that Kratom is not safe for pregnancy. Thus it can be considered safe. But see that you consult a doctor before you consume Kratom. Kratom is not regulated it is not safe to be consumed by a pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Will it cause birth defects?

A detailed study of this is not done yet. Thus it is not known whether it will cause any serious effects. The opioids are generally dangerous and may cause heart problems. Studies including biochemistry and pharmacology say that Kratom has the same effect as that of an opiate. The side effects are also the same but a little less compared to opiates. It also causes liver toxicity and kidney failure. Apart from all this, the major effects are seen only in the fetus. Thus it is generally advised not to taken Kratom at this part of your life and it is always a mother’s responsibility to take care of her child.

Discontinuity of Kratom during pregnancy:

The best use of Kratom is as a pain relief for symptoms like back pain, headache and body pain. Using Kratom daily would reduce all these pain and symptoms and keeps you healthy. There is a dosage to be followed every day to keep you relieved from these types of symptoms. This dosage depends on every singles capability.

Suppose a pregnant woman is consuming Kratom, she has to inform it to her doctor or healthcare before she gets into any daily routine medication for her pregnancy. Make sure that you speak out confidently about your period of usage and the doses. Also, make a thorough check-up or screening each month when the doctor prescribes medicines. Only doctors can suggest you on how to lower the dosage correctly.

Side-effects caused during pregnancy:

Using Kratom during pregnancy does not cause any side-effects but revealing about the usage to the doctor is the most important and foremost thing to be done. It also brings morning sickness, irritability, and fatigue. This also gives more enthusiasm and helps in doing the work effectively and efficiently. Liver toxicity is a major issue while using Kratom. Kratom undergoes metabolism in the liver and goes into the fetus through umbilical cord which causes liver disorders.

Avoiding Kratom during pregnancy is the best remedy for all the side effects. The first few months are the most important months a pregnant should be careful. Because it is when the neuronal system of the fetus gets developed. At this point in time, the mothers are not even aware that they will be pregnant. If this is the case and they consume Kratom a lot, it may lead to severe problems. The best remedy is to quit Kratom when you plan to deliver a child.

Having a good and healthy diet will only help you have your fetus healthy. Pregnancy can be noticed by a mother only when she skips her periods or during a pregnancy test. Thinking that Kratom is just an herb and that it will not affect your child in any way is a foolish thought. Always consider medication as a top priority and a life-giving one. For example, even marijuana is an herb but it’s banned by almost many countries during pregnancy.

Another major side effect is the abnormal brain function causing severe headache, migraine etc. It will also make you less able to communicate. In a recent testing process, it was found that people consuming Kratom for more than 6 months in a row suffer from withdrawal symptoms which is similar to the opioid effects. People who crave the use of Kratom suffer from opioid addiction called Naloxone. Also, sometimes the Kratom substances may be contaminated which may lead to death. Around 35 people have died due to Kratom. That particular Kratom which caused death is Salmonella-tainted Kratom. It shows no sign of contamination. Thus, pregnant women are advised to stop the usage of Kratom when they become pregnant.


Although Kratom is legalized in many states, it’s not being used by many people as they think it’s a kind of drug. Considering this even a healthy pregnant lady should avoid this because it’s the life of a child in a mother’s hand. It’s her wholesome responsibility to deliver a healthy baby. Consuming Kratom gives a kind of strength only to do other work and does not help you during your pregnancy. Even though it can help, it will have some side-effects. So it is advised to avoid them completely. For people who could not avoid can consult your doctor as already discussed and disclose each and every medication and dosage you undertake. Thus, Kratom has both good and bad effects during pregnancy.

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