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Kraken Kratom is the one stop shop for all thing kratom. This site presents you with the whole package, offering their all-natural medicinal products with speedy delivery and incredible customer service alongside constant updates on featured products. For those who have queries while they are shopping on the website, a live chat option is available 24/7. Another bonus is that they accept forms of payment through bitcoin. To know more about all the services that Kraken Kratom has to offer, check out our Kraken Kratom Review.

Kraken Kratom also provides wholesale supplies of kratom, and in doing so, operates fully within FDA Regulations (though kratom is still not an FDA approved product), and the Current Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines, issued by the FDA.  If you are a first-time user of kratom, Kraken Kratom provides clear descriptions of the alkaloid levels and potency of each strain and type available for sale on their website to ensure that you have all the necessary details so you can make an informed purchase.

Customer Rewards and Coupons Program

Kraken Kratom also has an incredibly satisfying and constantly updating Customer Reward and Coupons Programs. This system has been set up not only to keep old customers content with better discounts, but newer customers can also become a part of their rewards program with no added work. Though most items are reasonably priced and high quality, there are Coupon codes that can be applied that can also help existing customers get the best deals on some of the more expensive products or strains available.

So how do you earn rewards on Kraken Kratom?

Well, first, you make a purchase? Have you done that? You’re already eligible for points, with 1-point accumulating for every dollar you spend on your purchases, giving each of your purchases and additional value. Points can also be earned by rating products on their website, like their page on Facebook, and for posting shout-outs on other social media like Google+ and Twitter, which can earn a user up to 10 points. 50 points are granted as soon as you sign up for your new Kraken Kratom Account, and when you purchase a subscription to the Kraken Newsletter, which is distributed to customers regularly to update them on new products and any changes in price. Kraken Kratom offers the widest variety of items, including a line of exclusive kratom tea products that comes in powder and leaf form, for the make-it-yourself experience, or even as capsules, for the customer always on the go. They even offer accessories, such as empty capsules to make your own kratom capsules, and even infusers and herb bags for use in kratom tea products.

The rewards systems in place with Kraken Kratom is an ideal conceptualization of the notion, “The more you purchase, the more you save”. Every 100 points collected will be converted to $1 and applied as you continue shopping (at your discretion, of course) so that you can get amazing discounts for these fantastic products available and purchase products with your accumulated points.  You can check how many points you have accumulated in the “My Account” portion of the website, once you are logged in.

How Can I Access Kraken Kratom Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes can be collected by first and foremostly submitting your contact information so that you can be added to the subscribed mailing list and the coupons can be sent to you. The codes listed on the coupons, applying to a variety of products or ongoing events, are to be entered when checking out products in your shopping cart on the website. If the coupon code you’re applying doesn’t work, the validity has probably expired or the discount might only be applicable on select products.

Coupon Codes of Kraken Kratom

Here, I have listed some of the Kraken Kratom coupon codes to use while purchasing kratom from Kraken Kratom

S.No Kraken Kratom coupons Benefits
1. ITSCOLD It helps you avail a 20 % percent discount on select strains
2. KRATOM15 It helps with getting Kratom capsules at a 15% discount
3. 10MAE This coupon helps you avail 10% discount on Maeng Da Kratom capsules
4. BORNEOHALF This coupon makes a 50% discount over Borneo Kratom strains.

These coupon codes are only valid over a period of three weeks or till the offer expires.

Food for Thought

For the many people out there suffering from depression, insomnia, chronic pains and fatigue, kratom is a safe easy way to get some relief and thanks to Kraken Kratom, it sells Kratom for Cheap and efficient rewards program, they can do that without burning a hole in their pockets. The next time you’re looking to buy kratom products, make sure to sign up with the Kraken Kratom Rewards and Coupon programs so that you can get the best deal.

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