Increasing western popularity of Kratom


Research studies have revealed that Kratom which is known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a native plant of Thailand and Southeast Asian countries. This plant is being traditionally used for pain relief as a medicinal herb. It can also treat various other diseases like chronic pain and acts as a recreational drug. People take it in the form of powder, mixing it in tea or simply chewing the leaves.

The Western Literature of Kratom:

Low, a person of the western literature found that Kratom is a Malaysian substitute for the opium. But this opium did not give much relief from pain when compared with Kratom. Later, Burkill and Haniff in the year 1930 stated that Kratom acts as an analgesic. As the word mentioned was analgesic, it went through a lot of pharmacological studies.

Later in the year 1943, when the Thailand government increased the taxes for selling opium from the users and distributors. From then on, people using opium made their way into Kratom. It also became available worldwide and at an affordable price. Due to this, a market of opium went down and the government made it illegal, as they had no other choice.

Research results of Kratom in the US:

An article was published in the year 2012 about Kratom by the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA). Also, there are nearly 35 articles about Kratom in the US national library. The following are a list of what the articles provide:

  • Around 86% of the articles published after 2004 were talking about Kratom.
  • But only 11% of the articles spoke about it between the years 1988 and 1997.
  • In 1975 only in 3% of the articles, it was published.

The scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa is a keyword for making research and it was found that around 65 articles were published speaking about the Kratom only. This shows that the US has wide knowledge about this since 2004, i.e. for the past eighteen years.

Online shopping kratom:

The same research was done in Google using the word Kratom as a keyword. It showed 2 million results. Among them, the first 100 sites were taken a loo and found the following points.

  • 22 sites focused on spreading information about Kratom
  • 78 sites focused on selling Kratom online
  • Few sites had a discussion on the drug effects.
  • Some even sell Kratom at a cheap price.
  • Few showed what could be brought out best from Kratom.
  • Some showed medicinal benefits.
  • Very few showed on how to grow our own Kratom.

There are no companies which see Kratom nationwide, but it is found widely in online. Kratom has many stores online in the USA also. The stores which sell online provide all details about its strain and the extract. It also ensures us on how much dosage should be used, the level of pain-relieving factor, relaxing and stimulating. Some online stores also help us in buying the Kratom seeds online.

Thus, all these show that Kratom is growing in the western parts of the world in a wide range and will also see its improvisation in the other areas soon.

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