How to Use Kratom?

How to Use Kratom

Kratom is a herb that is full of medicinal values and has its roots from the South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam and other neighboring countries. This herb has its origin from Indonesia and has been associated with the culture and people of that region and the region surrounding it for hundreds and hundreds of years. If we dig deep into the history of Kratom we can see that this herb was even and still is used as an offering for the gods of the woods and is certainly considered the holy plant of that region. In the ancient times, people used to work hard throughout the day and return back home with a lot of stress and body pain, Kratom was the herb that was used to relieve them from body pain and stress. Later on, many research and medical projects were done on the medicinal values of Kratom and were found that Kratom is used for many medical conditions including body pain, mental illness such as depression, stress and anxiety. They are also very helpful in curing some of the liver and respiratory-related issues such as breathing problem and asthma. We can keep going on if we discuss the benefits this herb can provide us with. In the early stages, Kratom was consumed in its raw form but as time rolled there were many advancements in its forms namely capsules, extracts, powder and even in liquid form. The one factor that bothers people about Kratom is the taste of the herb. It has a very unpleasant taste and is very difficult for people to use them in its original form. In this article, we are going to see many other ways on how to use the Kratom. (Source: Addiction Resource)

Do you Know Your Dosage?

Taking the right amount of Kratom is the first thing you have got to keep in your mind before starting this medication. My advice for everyone reading this is to consult a doctor before you prescribe your own medicine or any other drug for that matter. Let us discuss the basic dosage for the beginner, intermediate and the pro users of Kratom.

  • For a beginner, always go for a minimum amount of Kratom, as you don’t know what will be the effect of Kratom on you for the first time. You can consume 2 grams of Kratom as a fresher to this medication and can see the effects on you if you find anything abnormal or uncomfortable do visit the nearest doctor right away. If you feel good using the Kratom you can increases your doses gradually as time passes by.
  • For the intermediate users, who are a little used to your Kratom medication should not make any drastic change in your dosage of Kratom, that might end up in a dangerous medical condition. You can up your doses by 4-5 grams a day.
  • For those who are so used to the Kratom cannot do anything beyond 8 grams, anything above 8 grams is harmful to a human being or you may even experience severe side effects as a result of Kratom abuse.


As we already discussed the unpleasant taste of the Kratom, we are going to discuss some of the ways of consuming Kratom without any discomfort.


In this method, take the right amount of Kratom in a spoon and just toss it in your mouth and dilute the powder with water in your mouth and swallow it immediately to avoid the flavor of Kratom to hit you hard. This is one of the best, easy and the simplest way to consume Kratom without any discomfort.


Just like you make a normal tea, add the Kratom powder along with the normal tea of your choice and boil it for 30 minutes and strain the liquid and drink it. You can also add extra flavor like cinnamon and honey if you like it. The only problem in this method is that it is time-consuming which most of the people are not ready to spend in the current situation. Moreover, this method allows you to have a not so bad tasting Kratom which is an added advantage.


Adding Kratom with yogurt is a current trend of consuming Kratom in a delicious way. A fruit flavored yogurt added with some Kratom is always tasty says the people who had already tried it. The reason is that the yogurt has a very strong flavor and when we are considering a fruit flavored yogurt then definitely the taste of the yogurt is going to dominate the flavor of the Kratom which makes it easy to consume the Kratom.


People in the current generation are so keen on maintaining their body and are taking some of the other kind of protein shake in their diet. You can add this Kratom alongside your drink so that you can add your Kratom medication without even making an effort. Moreover, Kratom has the property of boosting your energy and enhancing your mood.


You can also take Kratom in its capsule form, just pick the right dosage of Kratom capsule and swallow it, you are done. If you don’t have any access to the capsule form Kratom, don’t worry you can make your own capsules. Get a micro weighing scale and measure the amount of Kratom you want and buy the outer cap from any medical store and stuff the cap with the Kratom and you are done with the capsule. You can make how man ever capsules you want according to your requirement. There are even two types of caps that are available in the market, one is the normal gelatine cap which is made from the animal by-products and there is also the veggie caps which are totally made from the veggie stuff. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan you can go for the veggie caps but the only thing you have to consider is the cost of these capsules. If you are a person who never cares about the money you spend on medicine then you can very well get the veggie caps from the market.


  • Always consult a doctor near you before you start your medication because doctors can only guide you on which strain of Kratom will be suitable for you and can tell you the right dosage of Kratom you should be taking during the course of the medication.
  • Always consume Kratom in empty stomach as if you help you have the fullest effect of the drug on you. The reason behind it is that when you are consuming the Kratom in the empty stomach, you reduce the dilution of the drug allowing it to mix freely with the flow of the blood thus resulting in showing great effects after consuming it.
  • Try to find the right medication or drug store from the market, if you don’t find any reputed, authentic store go for the online market where you can find many authentic Kratom sellers.