How Kratom feels?

how kratom Feels

Kratom is a herb that is harvested from a tree called as the Mitragyna speciosa which is found in the South East Asian parts of the continent. The main origin of this herb is found out to be from Indonesia. This herb is in the existence for hundreds and hundreds of years in the cultural tradition of Indonesia and its neighboring countries. It was initially considered as a holy offering for the gods of nature by the people of that region but slowly began to realize the medicinal benefits it Kratom offered to them. As the time passes on, due to the advancement in the science and technology Kratom is now used for various medicinal purposes including pain relief, fatigue, mental illness, anxiety disorders, stress and other medical issues related to liver and even some of the respiratory problems like asthma and sinus. (Source:


Kratom can provide you with various types of medical benefits, lets us discuss some of the main medical advantages of consuming Kratom.


Kratom is very well known for its pain relieving property, Kratom constitutes of a substance called as the alkaloids which blend in with the flow of the blood and have its first impact on the part of the brain which is responsible for inducing the pain receptors of our body which in turn will help us come out of pain on a temporary basis. But using higher doses of Kratom for a higher level of pain may lead to sedation or even mild attacks in some cases.


The recent problem faced by almost all the people around the globe is the depression, when you consume Kratom it induces our body to secrete an enzyme called as the endorphin which is otherwise called as the happy hormone that will help you battle the depression to some extent. Some people feel tired all the day and cannot be productive in their work, this problem can also be taken care of by using Kratom on a regular basis as Kratom helps you keep your senses active for longer period of time thus helping you to stay energized throughout the day without any drop in your energy.


Some people might face problem sleeping in the night. They want to sleep in the night but they could not. This might affect both their personal and professional life. Kratom can help you sleep by giving you some sedation in the night without any, unlike the sleeping pills which are synthetic in nature.


Kratom has the very unique property of giving you a euphoric effect which is nothing but giving you a trippy effect and also helps you focus on things you are working on with greater intensity. This might make you think about marijuana but this is completely safe than the illegal stuff you get from the market.


Don’t have a high expectation if you are a first time Kratom user. Kratom takes its own time differently with different types of users based on your body type. Usually, you tend to find the effect of Kratom on you after 45 minutes of consumption, if you are lucky enough you can feel the changes within minutes of consumption. You can feel the freshness and sharpness in your mind after you take Kratom, but for some people you will find the feeling to be unpleasant because you might experience nausea and giddiness which means you need to either change the strain of kratom you use or the dosage of Kratom is inappropriate for the condition of the body. It is always better to consume Kratom in empty stomach to feel more of the effect rather than in the half-filled or filled stomach as it  may slow down the process of the effect . once you are so used to Kratom, you will find no effect on you with the same dosage as before, this is when you have to change the dosage a little by not on a larger scale as I said earlier you might end up in the hospital for some other problem other than the original issue you had, no one wants that, so up your dosage in a very little amount.

Dosage Guidelines

Taking the right dosage of Kratom is another important factor for all the people consuming Kratom on a daily basis.

A beginner who is just starting to take up Kratom medication should always go for the minimum dosage of Kratom which will be around 1 to 2 grams of Kratom in powder form. For the ones who are already into this Kratom medication and wanting to up the dosage of Kratom, anything above 4 grams would be lethal for the health. For the ones who are already taking Kratom medication for a longer period of time should not exceed 8 grams of Kratom. Anything above 8 grams is harmful to anyone under this medication.


Kratom is one of nature’s best product given and you can have all its benefits if used in the right way, if you go a level further and abusive it, it is definitely going to be a nightmare for you. So take up the Kratom medication responsibly and lead a healthy life ahead.