Shopping kratom is funded through commission

The reason why we disclose this because we want to be open to how we monetize. The monetization happens only when you click on the affiliate links and make a purchase out of it. Unless and until you click and make a purchase, we do not get benefited out of it. We have listed the brand names for which we post our affiliate links and you can find them below

  1. Kay Botanicals (
  2. Purkratom (
  3. Phytokratom (
  4. Bestkratom (
  5. Krakenkratom (

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules 

Based on the new rules released by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015, for Disclosure Compliance, readers or viewers surfing on web media need to be aware if the blogger enjoys any privilege of being sponsored or endorsed by a different organization. It is necessary that readers are well informed if the publisher yields money on promoting a product or link.

In compliance with the FTC Disclosure guidelines, the following information holds true for all the links and posts presented on this website.

All the links that can be viewed on are affiliate links and therefore I tend to receive a small commission on the sale of certain products.

Why do we post affiliate links?

Firstly, Shopping Kratom is a business and money is needed for operations

Secondly, it helps us to remove the ads from our website, thus it makes the user experience even smoother.

Third, we feel that these are the products which are better than the rest of the products in the market.

Reviewing all the products which are related to kratom costs us some money and time. We will purchase the products that we review and post a detailed explanation only after gaining experience. To make perfect assumptions, we spend our time and that helps in giving the user the best possible outcome. We test the quality and performance of each product to keep us up to date with the products.

Does this impact the product reviews?

It does not bias our review in any way. We focus mainly on two main parameters

  1. Quality
  2. Performance

Above all, we test out all the products by using various parameters and that helps us to bring out the pros and cons of the product in a detailed manner. We won’t be able to say the best among the lot, but we can surely say compare it with each other and give you the best. We also focus on giving you a product which is a good fit for you in every aspect.

Why we disclose this?

We believe in transparency and that builds the trust on us.

Secondly, we want to ensure that honest and upfront for our viewers.

Will that cost you extra money?

No, it will never cost you extra money.

In some cases, you will be entitled to a small discount which is tailor-made for the viewers of In turn, you will get kratom products at a discounted price. This is how we can further provide you with that extra bit of help from our side.