Can we give Kratom to our loved pets?


Mitragynine Speciosa or Kratom is a tropical plant belonging to the tropical countries of South-East Asia. The plant is the sibling plant to coffee as they belong to the family of angiosperms; Rubiaceau. The plant is said to be grown widely in the forests of Thailand and hails origin there. However, the plant got its root in the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New-Guinea. Indonesia is now one of the largest kratom exporters in the world. As Thailand has pushed Kratom into Ban with the Kratom 2486 Act, 1943; the substance has been illegal to use, carry, consume in Thailand. The herb is said to be a traditional plant carrying medicinal and psycho-active benefits. The herb carries potential uplifting and calming traits. Based on the dosage the substance exhibits various effects; low to heavy dosages. The plant is said to carry the psycho-active and medicinal benefits because of the presence of a minimum of 25 alkaloids based on the strains. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxygynine are the most common alkaloids present in the plant.

Extend of Kratom Use

The herb gained a lot of ground after it started to be used a recreational as well healing substance in the American and European countries. With the name of the substance gaining more users; the substance started to be more and more imported from the tropical countries of South-east Asia. Does it only prove healthy and worthy for human beings; what about our charming pets? People of this generation show lots of love and care on pets. Even pets suffer from ailments and pains. Is Kratom recommended to treat animals or pets? Though the question still persists; there are doctors and owners of pets who agree with treating pets with Kratom.

There are many pet owners who have tried Kratom as a remedy for their pet’s feel of un-easiness and reaped benefits out of it. Kratom is potentially a herb with psycho-active and medicinal benefits. Animals and plants are both natural beings. The medicinal compounds present in a natural plant can adapt to absorb or act with another natural being. It may be a rat, dog, etc.…

Medicinal benefits of Kratom on Dogs

The benefits of Kratom can be seen adherently after treating. There are many owners who have been constantly crediting about the plant on how it has helped to heal their pet. The plant seemed no trouble consuming the substance from the plant. All the pets seem to survive with the treatment of Kratom as a whole or even as Extracts. The dosage of Pure Mitragynine alone seems to cause trouble with the animal’s liver and kidney. Animals suffering from hip dysplasia, Injuries, age-related energy draining, anxiety and even seizures. Many veterinarians and doctors have been staying supportive of the use of Kratom on Pets. However, it is recommended to the pet owners that even after all the fiber removal from the plant; it still can cause digestive mobility in pets. So it is important to treat the pets with minimum levels of consumption.

 Testimonials by Pet Owners

The most common of the pets are Dogs. There are plenty of Dog owners and other pet owners who have provided voices for the benefits of Kratom on Animals or pets. There are people who have said to treat their pets when they are suffering from pain. The substance can be used as a pain-killer even in Animals. The substance is used to control the pain caused by cancer cells in animals. There are pets with depressive disorder. Kratom can be proved to help with stress levels of the pets. Kratom seems to have treated arthritis in dogs. Kratom has helped cat which has its leg broken in an encounter of Accidents. After medication; the cat feels relaxed and rested. Larger doses of the herb in cats can be stimulating on them. Kratom helps with the bowel movements in pets. Many people are using Kratom as an aid for their pets. The substance even provides with immense amounts of energy even to the old pets. The herb helps with injuries and pains even.

How to help the pet consume Kratom?

Kratom being a tropical herb does not possess great aromatic and pleasing smells. Often fusing of the medicine in the pet’s favorite treat is done. Sometime the when the food of the pet is cooked the substance is added along to help with ingestion of the medicine. Some owners apply the kratom solution on the gums of the pets when they are suffering from heavy pains. There is no recorded death for any pets out of consuming Kratom. The substance can be infused in treats, added with milk or add along with the food. The food can be used interactive medium between the herb and the pet.

The herb can be of many benefits from calming and relaxation of the pet to medication of the animals. The right dosages are necessary to treat the animal based on the need of Medication.

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