About Me

Lisa EspositoHi, myself Lisa Esposito; the author of the website. I am a patient advice reporter, staff writer and a blogger since 2014. I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Maryland. I further pursued on my journalism master from the University of Georgetown. In 2016, I was awarded a Media Orthopaedic Reporting Excellence award. Since 2012 I was educating and helping people to gain their Knowledge and Information on Kratom.  You might be wondering how a patient advice reporter became a blogger on Kratom. The answers to all your question lie below.

(P.S.: I am not a doctor. It is recommended to consult with a doctor before determining the doses of intake and suggestions on whether to consume or not)

By my late 20’s I got into severe depression and anxiety disorders. I started attending counseling and consumed pharmaceutical medicines to treat myself. Nothing seemed to help or cooperate with. It didn’t help me with the depression; those medications worsened it.

Then I came across Kratom and consumed it. It really started to benefit me with my depression and anxiety. I fixed my own strategies to become a better version of myself in society

I started my own YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and Several social profiles to share my Ideas on Kratom. I started to do some researches on the plant and gather information from researchers and doctors working on Kratom and started sharing that information with the fellow viewers. I was creating awareness for Kratom by creating a Kratom website (shoppingkratom.com).

When I started purchasing the herb; price seemed to comparably very low with online vendors compared to offline ones. Moreover, the medicines reach the home. This is when I learned that online Shopping Kratom can be easy. From then I always opted for online vendors to purchase my Kratom.

But before purchasing, I did a lot of research on the online vendors. There are many fake online vendors who cheat the people by announcing fake propaganda. Even I do have many experiences with fake online vendors forcing me to lose a large sum of money.

I started this website for one reason. “To educate people on best websites to buy Kratom online by giving reviews for their websites, so that everyone will buy at the Best place rather than losing their money on fake vendors as I lost”. The online stores reviewed by myself are the best among the Kratom stores available online. Even I have made plenty of purchases with them. There are many online kratom stores coming up. Reviews on the genuine online vendors will be added up after the experience.

My advice to those who consume Kratom is that consume as per the doses. “Consult with doctors and consume the herb according to it. Heavy doses for a long time may cause adverse side effects based on the chemical composition in the body.”