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Are you confused about where to buy Kratom online?

I was also confused to buy Kratom online by selecting the great place ever since I need Kratom online, to start my remedy from that week. I worked hard and found the best places to buy Kratom online around the world.

Even I have been enquired a lot and questioned plenty of Kratom products available online. I solely intend to help my fellow following right down through the right path. Here I have included necessary information and knowledge on Kratom to be known before purchasing Kratom online. Take it like purchase Kratom online Guide for my followers.

To date, I’ve analyzed over 20 different Kratom vendors over a period of 3 to 6 months

I have included many Top Kratom vendors like Kay Botanicals, Kraken Kratom and PurKratom.

Here I have listed the things I did to find the best place to buy Kratom in 2019:

1. Signed up with 20+ most Great Kratom suppliers online.

2. Placed an order of various Kratom products in each online Kratom vendors.

3. Started to check its Delivery, Quality, Price and Quantity. (Still checking)

4. Broadcasted reviews (and still welcoming user reviews)

Our present ranking technique is based on Delivery, Quality and Price.

Earning Disclosure: earns commissions from some of the products/brands listed on this website which contains affiliate links. This is because to compensate our money spending on doing research and testing of each kratom online stores. I thank you for your support…Readmore

Which is the Best place to buy Kratom in 2019?

In 2019, a large number of committed Kratom vendors working in the online market. But few of them not having much stock of Kratom products. At the same time, Many fake vendors are there which are selling Low-Quality Kratom products which can affect your health badly. So it is a tedious procedure to choose the right one.

But your worries are over now,

I have thoroughly checked all the Kratom vendors. From them, I have shortlisted 20+ and I have purchased Kratom with many difficulties from all the 20+ vendors. Based on my personal review I have recommended Top 5 Best Kratom vendors online.

Here is the list of top 5 Best Kratom vendors:

Here are complete details of The Best Places to buy Kratom online in 2019 which I recommend…

1. Best Place among Overall: Kay Botanicals

kaybotanicals-bannerExperience with Kay Botanicals

Kay Botanicals is One of the most dependable places to buy Kratom online. They have been offering exceptional services for consumers with special discounts on the purchase of more products. They function on the principle of prioritizing the consumer’s choices and demands as the primary objective. They offer Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules and Kratom extract for customers. They also sell Kratom in Bulk Quantities. One of the most pleasing options in Kay Botanicals is the sample pack of various strains which is most suitable for beginners. Referral and purchase discounts can be availed with Kay Botanicals. Free shipping on purchase over $75 and fast delivery makes the vendor stand strong.

Product details 

Kratom Powder 

  •         Green Bali
  •         Green Borneo
  •         Green Maeng Da
  •         Green Malay
  •         Red Bali
  •         Red Borneo
  •         Red Maeng Da
  •         Red Malay
  •         White Bali

Kratom Extract

  •          Dark Borneo
  •          Gold Maeng Da
  •          Platinum Kay
  •          Red Crystal

Kratom Soap

  •         Bar of Soap made from Kratom extract.

Kratom Capsules

The same strains as of in Powder are available in Kratom capsules form.

Special features

  • Simple buying process
  • Good Customer Support
  • Sample Packs available
  • Perfect quality
  • Order Tracking

Payment methods

The payment methods are the E-cheque and credit card to help with faster and safe transactions.

Contact details

  • The customer can contact by filling the Contact form available on the website.

My experience

The vendor is the best among the Kratom vendors online. The vendor provides and meets with lots of needs of the customer by providing with a wide variety of Kratom product choices. The Kratom products help with the needs and dispense the desired effects and medication which aids with ailments and disorders.

What are others saying? 

One of the loyal customers of Kay Botanicals is 41 years old Nicole from Arkansas says that Kratom from has had some great results on her health especially her Anxiety and Depression.

32-year-old Andrews from Kentuck says Kratom really changed his life and has benefitted him to overcome his Stress and Anxiety.

Product Quality: 98% (1st in quality)

Cost: $15-$24 (based on product and quantity)

Shipping: Free shipping (orders over $75)

Delivery: 2-3 Days.

Buy From Kay Botanicals

My Rating


2. Best Place for New users: PurKratom


Experience with PurKratom

PurKratom is One of the Top places to get Kratom which has accurate and fast delivery. PurKratom is well known for its fast and shift shipping process among the consumers of Kratom. PurKratom has a wide collection of Kratom strains in the form of Powder and capsules. PurKratom has Kratom strains based on the vein color of the Kratom strains. This Vendor offers same day shipping which is the reason behind the fast and shifts shipping process. PurKratom even offers variety packs both in Powder and Capsules with 3 variants of strains to experience variety effects. PurKratom tends to provide its customer with pure and quality Kratom Products.

Product details 

  • Premium Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red vein Indo
  • Premium Green Malaysian
  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Vein Borneo
  • Red Malay
  • White Sumatra
  • Green Kapuas
  • Super Green Indo
  • Green Sumatra
  • Red Kapuas
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Gold Vein
  • Red Bali
  • Super Green Maeng Da
  • Yellow vein
  • Green Thai
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Thai
  • White Bali

Special features

  • Variety of Strains.
  • Discount codes for products purchased.
  • Free Shipping.
  • USPS Shipping.

Payment methods

  • Payment methods available are E-cheque, credit cards.
  • PurKratom even accepts cryptocurrency payments with bitcoin, bitcoin, etc.

Contact details

  • To contact the vendor; the customer can call 1-(800) 985-6429.
  • A customer can also fill the contact form and The data entered will reach the vendor. The customer care executive will reach the customer.

My experience

Experience with PurKratom has been real smooth. The quality of the products and the packaging is of top notch. The products ensured the best effects when consumed.

What are others saying? 

Robert Hewitt says that PurKratom is the only vendor who is excel in fast delivery. Every time he orders Kratom from PurKratom his package will be delivered to him on time.

Amber Williams who lives in Idaho says that The variety of strains which the PurKratom offers was very large in numbers. Actually, he got bored of tasting the same kratom variant for a very long period of time and when He came to know that PurKratom offers varieties of Kratom Products, he was very much helpful and found alot of new varieties of kratom.

Product Quality: 96.5% (2ndin quality)

Cost: $10.99-$20.99 (Based on Quantity)

Shipping: Free shipping (No minimum Req.)

Delivery: 2-3 Days.

Buy From PurKratom

My Rating


3. Best Place for Versatility: PhytoExtractum


Experience with PhytoExtractum

PhytoExtractum offers can buy many varieties of Kratom products in one place which they got from popular harvesters in the Southeast Asian countries. This is a place of merry for Kratom consumers. It offers Kratom Powder and Capsules. More than 15 varieties of Kratom strains are sold by the Phytoextractum. There is more than that this Vendor can offer. There are even books on Kratom to gain or educate oneself on Kratom. PhyToExtractum even offers coupons on the Kratom products for which you need to enroll for a Kratom discount coupons newsletter. There are even products to use with the Kratom. Accessories for consuming Kratom as a beverage can even be purchased with Phytoextractum. They even provide discounts on the total value of the cart.

Product details

Kratom  extract

  •         Gold elite
  •          Phyto platinum
  •          Gold Reserve
  •          Maeng Da-X
  •          ISOL-8
  •          Ultra-Enhanced Indo
  •          Enhanced Borneo
  •          Enhanced Bali
  •          Enhanced Maeng Da
  •          Gold Elephas
  •          Indo Black
  •          Borneo full spectrum


  •           OG Bali
  •           White Maeng Da Thai
  •           OG Red Maeng Da Thai
  •           Red Bali


  •           Bali
  •           Red Maeng Da Thai
  •           White Maeng Da Thai
  •           Red Dragon
  •           Super Green Indo
  •           White vein Borneo
  •           OG Red Maeng Da
  •           Green Malaysia
  •            Red vein Borneo
  •            Red vein Sumatra
  •            White vein Sumatra
  •            Green vein Thai
  •            Red vein Thai

Liquid Kratom extract

  •           FSE full spectrum
  •           Full spectrum
  •           Phyto Reserve

Other Materials

The other materials include accessories for brewing and making Tea. The accessories can even include tea storages and empty capsules.

Special features

  • Multiple Varieties of Kratom Products.
  • Each Strain is available at different sizes
  • Other accessories of Kratom is also available.

Payment methods

Payment options available with Phytoextractum are E-Cheque, credit cards and cryptocurrency bitcoin. These transactions are end to end encrypted and are safe.

Contact details

The customer can enter his/ her details along with the needed information. The customer care executive would make a call with the customer on the issue and solve the doubts of the customer.

My experience

Our experience with the vendors has been delightful with express delivery. The availability of books on Kratom helps to learn more about the herb. The vendor even offers a variety of Kratom strains to the customers.

What are others saying? 

Jones, a 46-year-old man from Michigan writes that even though PhytoExtractum aided him to overcome the issue, it took a long time to deliver sometimes.

A 24-year-old woman named Keziya from Boston is very much happier to a make declaration that PhytoExtractum has become one of her most favorite Places in recent times when it comes under purchasing Kratom online.

Product Quality: 95% (4thin quality)

Cost: $8.75-$170.95 (based on product and quantity)

Shipping: Free shipping

Delivery: 2-3 Days.

Buy From PhytoExtractum

My Rating


4. Best Place for the low price: BestKratom

bestkratom banner

Experience with Best Kratom

Best Kratom sells Kratom products at a low price and also contains great customer support. It can be the ultimate destination for people who love Kratom powder. Best Kratom offers Kratom powders in the forms of Combo packs even. There are nearly 19 strains of Kratom Powder available with Best Kratom for purchase. The combo pack they offer contains 5 packs of 25g Kratom powder. They even do have enhanced Kratom strains for purchase. They do even provide knowledge on the herb and its effects. They even do have a 30-day return policy guarantee. They have a huge consumer base and provide free shipping on orders above $99. They even commit on same day shipping.

Product details

Kratom Powder

  •            Yellow Vietnam
  •             Maeng Da Borneo
  •             Red vein Bali
  •             Green vein Bali
  •             White vein Bali
  •             Green Malay
  •             Red vein Indo
  •             Green vein Borneo
  •             White vein Borneo
  •             Red Sumatra
  •             Green Sumatra
  •             White Sumatra
  •             Red Thai
  •             Green Thai
  •              White Thai

Kratom extract

  •              Red vein Indo
  •              Green vein Indo
  •              White vein Indo
  •              Full spectrum Maeng Da

Special features

  • Sample packs are available.
  • Discounts for Bulk purchase.
  • Coupon code also available for discounts.

Payment methods

The payment methods available with the vendor are the E-cheque, credit cards.

Contact details

  • The customer can contact through their mail ID:
  • They can also use their Contact number (800) 657-5065 to contact them.

My experience

Best Kratom helps by providing with sample packs to try the effects of a particular strain. The customer can try and decide to purchase on larger quantities. The customer can have a proper and clean experience hassle-free with Best Kratom. The vendors do not offer Kratom capsules which may be a great drawback on the vendor.

What are others saying? 

Henry from Phoenix writes about the hard try that he had with the Joint Pain since an extended period of time. Buying Kratom from Best Kratom has been a friend in need for him right from his childhood and now it serves as one of his best-loved Kratom vendors these days.

Clara, a 48-year-old lecturer from Colorado University added, even though she had a pretty positive experience with the online Kratom vendor and its products, it is slightly more powerful for her in terms of dosage and composition of the kratom to admit her in the daily regime.

Product Quality: 96% (3rd in quality)

Cost: $12.99-$149.99 (Based on Quantity)

Shipping: Free shipping (on order over $99)

Delivery: Same Day Shipping for domestic orders.

Buy From BestKratom

My Rating


5. Best Place for Wholesale buyers: Kraken Kratom

krakenkratom banner

Experience with Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom does not use an artificial way to Extract Kratom and It is the right place if you want to buy Kratom on the wholesale. Kraken Kratom has earned a name with the coming years and registered a stand in the market. They offer 16 varieties of strains in Kratom Powder. They just provide Kratom capsules for four strains namely Bali, White vein Borneo, Red vein Maeng Da, Red vein Borneo. The most important plus of this Kratom Vendor is that it sells liquid Kratom extracts at an affordable price of $35. Kraken Kratom even sells accessories to make own Kratom capsules of mixed strains or certain for a particular time period use. There are even coupons codes for the website to avail discount on the Kratom Products and accessories. You can even make wholesale purchases with Kraken Kratom. There is even tracking feature to track your shipping and know where it is currently traveling through. They even do same day shipping procedure.

Product details 


  •        Bali Kratom
  •        Red Maeng Da
  •        White Maeng Da
  •        Red vein Kali
  •        Red Dragon
  •        Red vein Borneo
  •        Super green Malay
  •        Super Indo
  •        Red vein Thai
  •        Red Sumatra
  •        White Sumatra
  •        White Borneo


  •          Capsules Maker
  •          Empty capsules of all sizes
  •          Scale
  •          Tea Bags

Special features

  • An order can be tracked.
  • Wholesale option available.
  • Reward points for regular customers.

Payment methods

Payment methods accepted by the vendor are the E-cheque, credit cards. The vendor even accepts crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

Contact details

  • Kraken Kratom can be contacted through e-mail using
  • They can also be accessed through 503-877-1200.

My experience

The experience with Kraken Kratom has been bliss. The customer can shop the accessories for making own Kratom capsules for consumption. The products offered are good in-terms of Kratom powder and accessories.

What are others saying? 

Lena a 32 years old lady says that purchasing Kratom from Kraken Kratom gives us more comfort than buying from any other Kratom Vendors. Easy to buy and easy to track your order and make sure that your order reaches you safely.

Allen says that Kraken Kratom offers more accessories such as Capsules machine, Empty Capsules, Pocket Scale machine, Tea bags, Strain bag and even books for enlightenment on kratom which Most of the sites will not be offering. So he is very glad to buy Kratom from Kraken Kratom.

Product Quality: 94% (5thin quality)

Cost: $8.45-$149.95(Based on Product)

Shipping: Free shipping (on all order)

Delivery: Same Day or next day.

Buy From Kraken Kratom

My Rating


How to find the best Kratom vendor?

There are few tricks, suggestions or whichever term you wish to perceive, for buying top graded Kratom products through the internet for the good prices. We sincerely hope that these techniques would allow you to bypass the cheap, illegitimate product advertisements and buy the great Kratom product at affordable prices.

The following are the five tips to become a proud consumer rather a victim

  1. Website
  2. Quality
  3. Shipping & Delivery
  4. Cost
  5. Lab Testing and the Extraction
  6. Customer Support


Website image

The best way to spot a reputable Kratom vendor is by checking out their website first. Inspect the quality of the web design, look at and understand the way that they use to explain kratom. Avoid the website that looks unprofessional and spammy. The website should describe what kratom is in understandable terms, enabling the user to take a knowledgeable decision. If the vendor takes bold claims of intense health benefits or recommends it for its high, you should run the other way. In addition to that, confirm that the website is served over a secured connection.



Quality is the most important parameter among everything when it comes to consumption[1]. Due to the high popularity of kratom, it is necessary to find the best supplier of kratom. So, if you are up for buying, do not compromise quality for the money. Check for the method in which kratom is processed by the seller to ensure that you buy the good kratom in the world. Do not go for non-sustainable products as they are mere garbage when it comes to quality. So, it is better to shell out some extra bucks and go for a product which is really potent.

Shipping & Delivery:


Shipping of a product plays a vital role when it comes to customer service. In order to maintain a better quality, the product should reach the user before two days to maintain the potency. As kratom is affected by various other factors, during the transit. Some top sites even do the shipping free of cost when you surpass a certain value of the purchase. It is also important to buy Kratom products wholesale as it helps in cutting down the shipping charges to a larger extent. It is better to choose the Kratom vendor having USPS Postal service to experience quality shipping.



Cost is something that should be known if you are a regular consumer of kratom and its products. Some websites or vendors sell at a high price point to make more profit out of it. Due to varying taxation policies, it is difficult to maintain a common price and hence vendors should not take advantage of this parameter. Some of the head shops which is found in our locality can sell products at a low cost but still, their quality is really worst and incomparable with online sellers. So do have a check of cost at your locality before making a purchase. When it comes to payment it is also important to check the payment methods of the Kratom vendors. The Top and safe payment methods are Paypal, E-Check, Credit and Debit cards like Master Card, American Express etc.

Lab Testing and the Extraction:


The extraction process is a highly tedious process that has to be performed very meticulously. Each manufacturer has its own way of adapting the technique but there are some basic fundamentals which you have to check whether they have included in their list or not. Adding Ethanol with the Kratom powder is the process that makes the extract more concentrated. It is the most organic procedures of all, omitting it would reduce the potent levels of the extract by drastic levels[2]. Do not forget to verify the company’s lab testing manual. See whether the website has the lab testing policy, if not, we would recommend not buying from such websites. The reputed companies will certainly have their Kratom extracts or powder or capsules tested in their labs and the product wouldn’t reach the market unless it is tested properly. So it is advisable to buy Kratom online from the suppliers who provide Lab report.

Customer Support:


We had gone through a rough phase during our initial purchases with the internet pharmacies. While buying Kratom we had made our payment but the order took months to reach our doorstep. Such times would lead to so much strain and panic. Instead, check whether the website offers a customer care support or service through which we can have our doubts cleared and claims appreciated. If the delivery gets delayed by a while you must have the accessibility to inquire about the shipment, if not, you would face the same which we had gone through some years ago. In the initial stages, before ordering the product, check whether your queries are getting answered by the support team, if not, try to leave the option and proceed with another pharmacy.


The Kratom products are available in various forms i.e. Crushed leaf, Capsules, Extract, Vein and Stem, Powder, Resin, Tincture, and Enhanced Kratom. The predominant varieties are Kratom Powder, Extract and Capsules. Though all the three are beneficial and effective, the properties of kratom[3] and potency of kratom of each variety differ from one to another. The sad fact, people are uninformed about the existence of these varieties due to extensive marketing campaigns and branding did by the websites. The brief description of the main varieties of Kratom is as follows.

Kratom PowderKratom Powder: The crushed leaf is the first stage of all the varieties, as soon the leaves are plucked from the sources, they would be ground into a powder at favorable conditions with utmost care and expert guidance. The potency of the powder is twice powerful than the crushed leaves as the process of grinding would detach the excess portion of the leaf which is not very powerful. The remains are strong alkaloid content which could result in curing many diseases and disorders in the human system.

Kratom-ExtractKratom Extract: It is an advanced version of Kratom Powder where the powder is processed into further concentration which results in extraordinary potent levels. It gives additional power to the regular powder form and enhances the potency levels multiple times. Some varieties of Kratom Extracts are Maeng Da Extract, Platinum Kratom Extract, and Dark Borneo Extract etc.

Kratom-capsulesKratom Capsules: Kratom capsules are derived from the Kratom; an indigenous plant from the tropical countries of South-East Asia[4]. The leaves of the plant id dried and powdered into Kratom Powder of pure and fresh quality. The Kratom capsules are then filled in empty Kratom capsules made of gelatin or vegetable derived product. The Kratom capsules are used by people who do not like the taste of the Kratom powder from hitting the taste buds. The Kratom capsules are even an easy means of consuming Kratom. It is easy to consume Kratom capsules anywhere with ease and no tension on spilling Kratom Powder around. The Kratom capsules are used by millions of people around the globe.

All the above mentioned online Kratom vendors are there in this industry for years delivering a quality service. If you need you can also check the Genuity of their services from the customer’s reviews and feedback. Many of the user’s words making us clear that these are the topmost selling Kratom stores on the internet.

Final Words

I believe that now you can have an idea of where to buy Kratom online. Other than the above-mentioned best places to get kratom if you found any other as a useful Kratom vendor please let me know so that I will review and test and will share to my viewers. If you found this to be useful please share this with your friends and family.