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The Kratom products are available in various forms i.e. Crushed leaf, Capsules, Extract, Vein and Stem, Powder, Resin, Tincture, and Enhanced Kratom. The predominant varieties are Kratom Powder, Extract and Capsules. Though all the three are beneficial and effective, the properties of kratom[1] and potency of kratom of each variety differ from one to another. The sad fact, people are uninformed about the existence of these varieties due to extensive marketing campaigns and branding did by the websites. The brief description of the main varieties of Kratom is as follows.


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Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder

The crushed leaf is the first stage of all the varieties, as soon the leaves are plucked from the sources, they would be ground into a powder at favorable conditions with utmost care and expert guidance. The potency of the powder is twice powerful than the crushed leaves as the process of grinding would detach the excess portion of the leaf which is not very powerful. The remains are strong alkaloid content which could result in curing many diseases and disorders in the human system.

Kratom Extract


It is an advanced version of Kratom Powder where the powder is processed into further concentration which results in extraordinary potent levels. It gives additional power to the regular powder form and enhances the potency levels multiple times. Some varieties of Kratom Extracts are Maeng Da Extract, Platinum Kratom Extract, and Dark Borneo Extract etc.

Kratom Capsules


Kratom capsules are derived from the Kratom; an indigenous plant from the tropical countries of South-East Asia[2]. The leaves of the plant id dried and powdered into Kratom Powder of pure and fresh quality. The Kratom capsules are then filled in empty Kratom capsules made of gelatin or vegetable derived product. People who do not like the taste of the Kratom powder use The Kratom capsules for hitting the taste buds. The Kratom capsules are even an easy means of consuming Kratom. It is easy to consume Kratom capsules anywhere with ease and no tension on spilling Kratom Powder around. Millions of people use Kratom capsules around the globe.


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